At My Bar we enjoy making fantastic Cocktails for people. We like to use only the best spirits and produce of the season for our wee creations. Some of these may seem out there but they have been crafted and made with care for your satisfaction so if you're not sure on what you would like just ask the staff and they will guide in the right direction.

The My Bar Mixes & Classics

This is a selection of various libations, that are classics, twists and staples here at My Bar and can be ordered all year round.

cocktail of the moment

We like to mix things up a bit with new ideas, trends or new products we want to showcase. Here is our constantly changing ideas and fun experiments.

the lighter side/low alcohol

If your driving or looking for a lighter option to enjoy, we've picked two of our favourite lower alcohol cocktails; or alternatively you talk to the bartender and we can make something up just for you.


little black book

Not everyone can decide on what they want...

Every bartender has a little black book, however ours contains various recipes from over the years. Can’t decide what to have? Leave it in our hands and we’ll present you with something unique from the bartender’s choice... Do you trust your bartender?